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Getting Started With eTravelplan.com

Getting started with eTravelplan.com is as easy as "see" and "click"! Our web site features a comprehensive collection of travel resources, accessible by simply clicking on the appropriate links. We offer a wide variety of resources for both business and pleasure travelers, including:

eTravelplan.com's destination information, comprehensive localized travel information for areas throughout the United States and other countries.

eTravelplan.com Custom Travel Guides, which you can create using the specific area and city information that is useful to you.

eTravelplan.com's reservations system, which enables you to purchase an airplane ticket or rail pass, or to reserve a hotel room or rental car.

  • Destinations offers you multiple levels of geographic information. From "country" or "state" you can "drill down" to find that city you are looking for. Under each city, you'll find our database of information on accommodations, calendar of events, city and area information, dining, side trips, sights and activities, and weather.
  • Under Video Tours, we offer hundreds of short narrative on specific destinations, organized using the "drill down" system described above.
  • On our home page, we offer a number of travel aids designed to make that travelers life easier. Included here are Travel Emergency Services, Passports and Visas, Coupons and Discounts, Travel Insurance, United States State Department Warnings, Current Weather, and Maps.
  • Search allows you to search for a specific item using the name. Multiple search criteria may be entered in this field.
  • There are various Travel Links organized by category. These are links to other travel-related Web pages that may contain information useful to you. This information can be reached by either "drilling down" or by using a key word search.

Information from all of these areas of our Web site can be used to create an eTravelplan.com Custom Travel Guide - your personalized travel book. Your printable Guide will contain only the items you decide to include for a particular trip - nothing extra to carry. To create your guide, select Create a Custom Travel Guide on your left hand menu.

To add information and "build" your Guide, press the Add to Guide button associated with each travel item.

(Note that you need to register with eTravelplan.com before you can create a guide. This is so we can save your guide for you on our site. As a result, you can access this guide from around the world, and if you are not finished creating your guide, you can come back to it and finish at a later time.)

This is your Site. Our visitors tell us what they like and where to find the best in travel. Visit our Feedback Forum, where Site visitors rate their favorite destinations, events, and establishments. Use the Feedback Forum to suggest new listings and share your recommendations.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions about our Site. Please write to us at comments@eTravelplan.com

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